Karolina Sabina Feranc, E-RYT-200, YACEP, IBBFA

Experience:5 Years

Karolina Sabina Feranc, E-RYT-200, YACEP, IBBFA

Yoga Anatomy and Vinyasa teacher


Karolina Sabina Feranc, E-RYT-200, YACEP, IBBFA, Yoga Anatomy and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Karolina is a practicing Vinyasa Ashtanga, with a deep interest in the physical and energetic benefits of Yoga, as well as movement practices that create more ease, flow, and prevention of injury. From age 7, she began practicing gymnastics and shortly after she is trained in dance for many years.

During this time she  felt many emotional and mental stressors, which she came to realize later on that our emotional/energetic, and mental state has a great effect on the functioning of our physical body. About 6 years ago she found Meditation and Yoga to be the perfect remedy for easing discomforts within my body and mind, and for cultivating authentic happiness within! After practicing Yoga for 4 years, she has completed 200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training with Power Yoga Canada, to be able to share this beautiful and therapeutic practice with others. More recently she completed  Barre Fitness certification with IBBFA to further her knowledge in the mechanics and anatomy of the body, for safely executing ballet exercises, Yoga and functional movements.

She personally found that through taking ballet classes it has been a great compliment to Yoga and to all forms of movement. Most recently I

She has completed 100hr Meditation TT in Dharamsala, India with Dr. Keshava Murhty, Sarvaguna Yoga  who has been such a wonderful guide! Embarking on the Meditation training in the majestic Himalayas has deepened my understanding and reverence for the Yoga way of life. I

She eager to share her enthusiasm, knowledge and profound respect for the therapeutically Physical and Meditative aspects of Yoga!