“Samatvam yoga ucchate” -Yoga is harmony and balance of life – Bhagavad Gita.

Our Inspiration

Our source of inspiration and guiding light are the ancient lineage of enlightened yogis and great masters, of the past and the present, who meticulously preserved this sacred and unifying knowledge of yoga for the humanity, “Sarvebhyo Rishibhyo Gurubhyo, Namah.”

Yoga is a spiritual science for fulfillment, peace and harmony within the individual and the society. It is a holistic science for of self realization through balancing, physical, psychological and spiritual energies and to reach cosmic consciousness. Yoga is an eternal river, flowing throughout the ages, crossing many hedges and bridges, reached its present shape. We are grateful to all those great people, who preserved and added glory to this unifying wisdom. By practicing of which one can realize one’s own true self shedding all imperfections.

The Philosophical and Linguistic meaning of “Sarvaguna Yoga Dhaama”
The combination of two Sanskrit words, Sarva = all or every; and Guna = virtue or excellence, form the word “Sarvaguna” meaning All Virtuous or Holistic yoga and Dhaama= the “Abode”. Hence, “Sarvaguna Yoga Dhaama” means “An Abode of Holistic Healing for Self realization”. This name perfectly reflects our vision and mission. With this spirit, we are committed to bring you the true teachings and the true purpose of Yoga for inner transformation.

Our vision

We are committed to impart the original teaching of Yoga and its philosophy, its healing methods and its therapeutic techniques, as taught and practiced by the seers, yogis and enlightened masters in all the spiritual traditions, in the past and as well as in the present, into the modern world to have a meaningful and peaceful life.

Yoga in its pristine glory helps us to achieve Samadhi, Self realization through various spiritual disciplines and practices. Astanga yoga or Eight limbed yoga of sage Patanjali, the proponent of Raja Yoga system of philosophy, is a systematic process of reaching the Samadhi, a state of Universal consciousness. The Astanga practices are universally acclaimed as the most effective means for bringing harmony between the Body, MInd and Spirit thereby realizing the true self.

Our teachings are based on the core principles of Sage Patanjali’s Astanga Yoga, which is a part of Raja Yoga. We also incorporate the immortal teachings of Bhagavat gita, the Upanishads and Tantra Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Chakra system, Mantra yoga and Bhakti yoga, in our teachings.

Yoga is not mere physical exercises or elaborate postures, Yoga is the meeting and merging of individual self with the universal consciousness. Asanas are only preparatory practices for the higher awareness and Self realization. As one of the ancient yogic text says “Yogena citta vrtti nirodhopi Jnanam samyak Avekshanam” yoga should culminate in self knowledge.

Sarvaguna yoga focuses on all the aspects of yoga and aims at balancing physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions of human personality, in order to bring inner transformation of the seeker.

Our Objectives

  • To impart the true teachings of Yoga, which can really bring the inner transformation rather than carried away by the eccentric ideas that have borrowed the name of Yoga.
  • To bring a synthesis between Ancient spiritual wisdom and modern scientific knowledge: the perfect combination of the two, to understand the nature of reality. Where by the outer aspects of our lives can be harmonized with our spiritual purpose. This includes bringing peace, harmony , self- awareness and bliss within the individual and in the society
  • To have an integrated and holistic approach to yoga therapy and healing.
  • To form a consistent and intelligible system of thought of the teachings of different schools of yoga.
  • Effectively bringing the age old, and unifying ancient spiritual wisdom to the modern life style for psychological security and spiritual fulfillment.
  • To highlight the spiritual aspect of yoga besides giving ample attention to the modern approach of physical and psychological health and wellbeing.

Our Teaching Team

Sarvaguna yoga has a team of highly qualified, and professional teachers in both Ancient Yogic Sciences and Modern Scientific disciplines and real life yogis with deep experience in the subject. Our yoga school is a confluence of Eastern inner and western outer wisdom, which brilliantly highlights the unifying vision of esoteric Inner Science to the modern society, which is increasingly craving for Inner Peace, Love, Compassion and Harmony. We are committed to share the true spirit of yoga which can bring a real transformation within oneself, rather than carried away by the superficial and empty gestures.