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NATURAL HEALING: Natural healing systems have been part and parcel of all the great spiritual traditions of the world, especially in eastern cultures like Indian, Chinese, and Japanese from time immemorial. There are many systems of natural healing in India such as Sparsha cikitsa, Sanskrit word for healing through touch, Pranic healing, Mudra cikitsa and so on. It is “chi” healing in China and “Reiki” in Japan.

Reiki Healing=Universal Life Force Energy Healing
The meaning of Reiki

Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that originated in Japan. It is generally known as an ancient healing art that was rediscovered about a hundred years ago by Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy. Rei = Universal, Ki = Life Force Energy. We all have Universal Life Force Energy, for it is the very “stuff” we are made of; it is our birth right. Even the science now recognized the fact that so called solid objects are just densely vibrating energy, that, in fact there is no solid matter. Spiritual science also states that “all is energy”. Reiki practitioners are said to ‘Channel’ this energy from the universe.

We are breathing because there is a life force energy surrounding us. This energy is called Prana in India, Chi in China and Ki in Japan, which  flows in the human body through “Meridians” or “Chakras” and “Nadis”. The energy flowing or surrounding us is also called “Aura”-a magnetic pull where  humans are benefited through the universal energy. This life force energy can be witnessed amongst several aspects of Experience like happiness, positive thoughts, and feelings etc. that are fastening themselves to the energy field. When the life forces are disturbed it causes disparity within the body and the mind leading to numerous health and psychological problems.

The flow of Pranic energy around the body can be blocked due to habitual negative thoughts, anger, rejection, regret, resentment and guilt. Our state of mind has a physical effect upon the body via the endocrine system. The endocrine system is the interface between the body and the mind, the mind and the body.

Other factors which block the free flow of Prana are inappropriate diet, toxins and injury in the body, incorrect body postures, incorrect breathing and so on. These factors lead to dis-ease in the body and mind. Western medicine and drugs tend to focus upon treating symptoms, rather than focusing upon the root cause of the disease.

Benefits of Reiki
Reiki is said to be a powerful source of healing and it benefits both the practitioner as well as the receiver. The energies are guided by the universal positives, therefore there are no side effects or harm in taking such life support.

The Reiki techniques that are commonly practiced today are “hands on healing” or “palm healing” which act as an alternative form of  medicine in transferring the universal energies to the body to heal. Reiki relieves one from mental stress, bringing one to the state of equilibrium and self-healing.

How does it work:
In a traditional Reiki therapy session, the therapist uses meditation techniques to focus the Energy in the hands and fingers. The hands are placed upon various energy centers-Chakras, meridians and pressure points as required. The recipient may experience localized heat and energy movement in the body. The treatment in non-invasive and the recipient remains fully clothed.

What does it heal:
Reiki heals every physical ailment, relieves pain and diseases and energizes the full body. It treats the body completely and holistically. Reiki can be very useful for those who want to feel very relaxed and balanced, or have health issues or want to experience energy work. Reiki can help in treating long term illness, mental imbalances, joint pains, sciatica, headaches, general sicknesses, depression and so on.

Reiki treats the mind and heals every psychological wound: Relieves anxiety, depression, frustration etc and creates a feeling of well being. It enables us to remove mental blocks, brings relief from old traumas and mental sickness.,and it relaxes, balances and harmonizes the body energy.

Who can practice Reiki:
Because it is a pure form of universal energy, there is no particular mandate required to practice it. It simply requires practicing, crossing one level after another. The most important thing concerning the practice of Reiki is the strength and the quality of your intention. Since your mind acts like a magnet it is important to have a positive mindset.

The Initiation or Empowerment:
The most important element of the Reiki system is the initiation ritual which is performed by the Reiki master during a Reiki class. This ritual activates the chakras and attunes each student’s life force to the creative healing power of the universe so that they can channel the Universal Life Force Energy through their hands, whenever they place their hands on themselves or someone else.

Preparation for the Initiation/Empowerment
The purpose of preparing oneself for the initiation when sitting to receive  Reiki is to raise the energy levels and connect to the inner self. It strengthens the connection to the universe’s spiritual energies. This preparation phase is known as the initiation period in which the individual is expected to follow certain guidelines to achieve maximum benefits.

Levels of Reiki Initiation and Practice
Reiki has super natural powers that guide you and heal more deeply. There are 3 levels of Reiki Initiations.The 1st level actively works on the conditions of the physical, emotional  and mental levels and dramatically raises the frequency;  allowing the frequencies of positive energies to reach you. Usually the individual practicing Reiki has to observe the schedule for minimum 21 days focusing the energy on the diverse parts of the human body.

In the 2nd level, the individual receives 3 powerful symbols of Reiki and learns about the usage of these symbols that are said to be the ”powerful techniques” for empowering energy, distance healing and mental healing. The treatment for the improvement of the soul and body includes chanting some simple prayer on a daily basis.
The 3rd level is the advanced level, where the individual receives a very powerful Master symbol of Reiki. It is a potent and influential symbol that is used for self healing., spiritual healing and  connecting  over a distance. In this level the individual learns how to initiate others.

At the 1st level of initiation one learns about:
• The history of Reiki
• Evolution of Reiki
• Chakra healing
• Meditating
• Self healing & Healing others
• Partners healing hands positions
• Queries

In the 2nd level the individual learns About:
• How to use the symbols on oneself and on others
• Meditating
• Chakra healing
• 3 Symbols for self healing, distance healing, mental surgery, as well as mental healing
• Self healing & healing others with the symbols.

In the 3nd level the individual learns About:
• Master initiation.
• How to use the master symbol
• How to initiate Reiki I, II and III levels to others.
• Distance healing and absence healing using the master symbol.

About the Teachers
Dr.Keshava is a Master Reiki healer in the tradition of Dr.Usui’s system of Reiki. He studied under an eminent  teacher in northern India, who belongs to the original teaching tradition of Dr.Usui Reiki system represented by Mr.Toshitaka Mochizuki and Mr.Shingo sakuma, in India.

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