Zoljargal Nyambuu

from NewYork, US, 200 hr Yoga TTC graduate

I just completed a month long –sacred journey/YOGA teacher training at the Sarvaguna Yoga/Goa! OMMMMMMG!

What an immense journey, unforgettable adventure with intense learning, meditating and everything at this authentic/traditional yoga school!!! I felt so blessed to have chosen this school.

I loved the fact that everything was conducted in the SACRED tradition of the Yoga and philosophy and principle. Dr. Keshava’s Philosophy class was always full of life, light, joy, truth, humor, meanings, irony, Wit, wisdom, intuition, tales… . The words cannot simply describe this learning and spiritually joyful and uplifting experience you get from his class. He is one of the RARE, humble, knowledgeable and truly compassionate and awakened people on earth. Dr. Keshava is a person of universal knowledge and depth and, is sharing this knowledge to help people awaken and find mindfulness, meaningfull life and happiness!
I learnt a great deal about yogic way of life, diet, principles, meaning of yoga/union, asanas and on!!
I enjoyed learning the Hatha style with vinyasa of yoga directly from the Authentic Classical Indian masters and teachers like Praveen and others. There were other two amazing teachers Charlotte Goodhew and Karolina Ferance to whom I am very thankful for their kind hearts, genuine support and love throughout my stay!!
The location was breathtakingly beautiful with the MAJESTIC ocean, stunning sunset, Agonda beach, lush green palm trees, exotic animals like monkeys and birds, delicious vegan meal and teas and honey! Plentiful!!
Bed and accommodation were very comfortable indeed.
I would highly recommend this wonderful school to others. I would love to come back to Sarvaguna for further learning.


NIkita Agrawal

from New Jersey, U.S; 200 hr Yoga TTC Graduate,

I recently completed my 200-hour TTC at Sarvaguna’s Dharamshala location. What a wonderful experience! Beautiful surroundings in the hills of Upper Bhagsu and such warm hospitality by the people at Oasis Guest House. The other students in my teacher training program were also SO kind, and the small cohort 11 meant that it was easy to get to know everyone.

Dr. Keshava is an inspiring, extremely knowledgeable teacher who goes above and beyond to connect with students, explain philosophical concepts and share meditation techniques. I have left his class with a deeper appreciation for spirituality and commitment to continue my meditation practice. Classes were a great balance between work and play (philosophical lectures often broken up with relevant puns/ jokes, clever analogies, stories and the occasional sweet treat!).

Moreover, as yoga teachers in training we practiced teaching Hatha/ Vinyasa postures, surya namaskars, alignment and adjustments to our fellow classmates daily, starting from Day 1 – so the amount of teaching practice we had was amazing – and by Day 30, the confidence levels to teach had truly improved.

Overall, this course will offer a traditional and holistic training in Yoga. Highly recommend and very grateful to Sarvaguna!


Wendy Klein

from the US, 200 hr Yoga TTC Graduate

Dr. Keshava is a fantastic guide and teacher for dhyāna, pranayama & philosophy. His philosophy class was so lively that we often ran over. His depth of knowledge is amazing, with no questions out of line. He stimulates the thought process to encourage his students to delve further. I’d be remiss if I neglected to mention his wicked sense of humor!

Master Praveen Reddy is an outstanding asana teacher. He is incredibly patient and is an excellent judge of the student’s ability, interest and tolerance for trying new poses . As a result he works well with both the large group and the individual student. I’m amazed at the poses he was able to coach me into! He is really well schooled and presents many variations of each pose. He also presents MANY, MANY ways to adjust each pose.

The classes were fun and very instructive. The food at Sarvaguna was delicious, plentiful, and nutritious. Although it was long, I thoroughly enjoyed the structure of the day. I also enjoyed the small class size. I really got to know my teachers and fellow classmates. I left feeling that I had not only gained a lot of knowledge, but gained an international extended family! Thank you Dr. Keshava & crew!


Tianna Sufian,

from Malaysia, 300 hr Yoga TTC Graduate

Sarvaguna Yoga Dhaama’s advanced yoga teacher training program was overall a very positive life-changing & transformational experience for me where they offered a holistic, authentic approach with different styles of yoga (Traditional Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Vinyasa), Pranayama, Guided Meditation Practice & Techniques, Philosophy, Anatomy, Ayurveda, Alignment/Adjustment & Teaching Practicum. The school’s Director and Yoga Philosophy & Meditation Teacher, Dr Keshava was excellent, he’s incredibly generous, patient, warm, funny, and kind with vast knowledge and a positive aura with inner child beaming, always willing to share. I found the morning & evening meditation classes powerful as we dived deeper into our true selves and Dr Keshava was always there if you needed guidance & support. His spiritual wisdom he shared was truly enlightening and inspiring. The yogic vegetarian food was healthy & delicious and the accommodation was great set in beautiful Himalayas, out in nature very peaceful and rejuvenating in Dharamsala. The weekly nature meditations at the waterfalls and the trek to Triund Hill was special and memorable. The class sizes were kept small so we felt like a close family. The teachers provided a supportive environment and it was well-organised in providing sufficient reading material & preparation tools before, during and after the course. I recommend this school for teacher’s training for students who want a holistic, authentic, and multi-style yoga approach and the school is set in beautiful nature.



Jagoda Yaga Kalinowska

from Poland, 300hr Yoga TTC Graduate

Can’t imagine a better 300hrs yoga teacher training (I wish I had my 200hrs also done with sarvaguna) everything was top-notch, 2 hours of methodology every day+1 hour of teaching practice (on top of 3 hours of asanas and 2 hours of meditation and pranayama) so you end up with extensive knowledge about alignment and adjustment so crucial for a competent yoga teacher. We had anatomy classes with an osteopath/yoga teacher and it was more that we could have bargained for, just mind blown, and it’s not even all because philosophy lectures were equally outstanding. Accommodation in Dharamsala was very good with an en-suite bathroom+balcony (although you don’t necessarily get WiFi on the 2nd floor in your room all the time but if you go one floor down it’s all fine ;)).
So to sum up, I am recommending Sarvaguna wholeheartedly and personally I will attend the meditation course there in the future because the place is just amazing.


Belle Gurd

from NewYork, US, 200 hr Yoga TTC Graduate

I recently completed my 200hr TT with Dr Kesheva and his team at the Dharamsala location, and I absolutely loved it! One of the best experience of my life. Dr Keshava knows all there is to know about meditation and philosophy and the teachers were extremely knowledgeable, I really felt I had a good learning experience overall.

anatomy, poses, philosophy, ethics and teaching methods. We had a great bunch of students, the other teachers were excellent – I came away confident enough to start teaching straight away.

The food was really good, the rooms were basic with everything you needed, it’s was better than I expected. Highly recommend this yoga school.


Fionni De Maio

from Canada, 200 hr Yoga TTC Graduate

Sarvaguna Yoga Dhaama’s advanced yoga teacher training program was overall a very positive life-changing & transformational experience for me where they offered a holistic, authentic approach with different styles of yoga (Traditional Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Vinyasa), Pranayama, Guided Meditation Practice & Techniques, Philosophy, Anatomy, Ayurveda, Alignment/Adjustment & Teaching Practicum. The school’s Director and Yoga Philosophy & Meditation Teacher, Dr Keshava was excellent, he’s incredibly generous, patient, warm, funny, and kind with vast knowledge and a positive aura with inner child beaming, always willing to share. I found the morning & evening meditation classes powerful as we dived deeper into our true selves and Dr Keshava was always there if you needed guidance & support. His spiritual wisdom he shared was truly enlightening and inspiring. The yogic vegetarian food was healthy & delicious and the accommodation was great set in beautiful Himalayas, out in nature very peaceful and rejuvenating in Dharamsala. The weekly nature meditations at the waterfalls and the trek to Triund Hill was special and memorable. The class sizes were kept small so we felt like a close family. The teachers provided a supportive environment and it was well-organised in providing sufficient reading material & preparation tools before, during and after the course. I recommend this school for teacher’s training for students who want a holistic, authentic, and multi-style yoga approach and the school is set in beautiful nature.


Abby Robb.

from Australia; 200hr Yoga TTC Graduate,

I’ve just recently completed my 200YTT at Sarvaguna Yoga Dhaama in Goa and it was an amazing, life changing experience. The school teaches a holistic, lifestyle approach to yoga with an emphasis on philosophy and traditional healing oriented hatha asana.

From the first contact I had with Kesheva about coming to Sarvaguna Yoga Dhaama to undertake my 200hr yoga teacher training I knew that this was going to be a great experience.

The school focuses on holistic healing and self-awareness, teaching traditional Hatha yoga and modern Vinyasa practices along with philosophy and meditation.

The location is amazing, the view is incredible. The food is delicious and the cooks are so kind and friendly and willing to accommodate food restrictions and allergies.

It can be difficult trying to narrow the field when you are looking to complete a YTT, but thes


Itamar Faybish

from Belgium, 300 hr Yoga TTC Graduate,

I completed my 300 hours TTC with Sarvaguna Yoga recently, and had a very good experience. The teachers are very knowledgeable, kind and compassionate, and a real pleasure to learn from. The location is amazing, with hiking trails not far, and a beautiful waterfall also not far from the house, where we went to once a week early in the morning to meditate there, I loved it. We also went to a big trek in the mountains which was awesome. The accommodations were very good, with a private room, shower, bathroom and balcony. The food was also very good, many thanks to the chefs and helpers. And last but not least all the participants were really lovely with big compassionate hearts. With best wishes.


Ca Man Ng,

from Hong Kong; 300 hr YTTC Graduate,

I am in dharamsala, just finished 300 hours yoga instructor training in sarvaguna, the course teacher gives us very professional anatomy, philosophy and asana corrective training, we will also do meditation in the waterfall every week, this is also me the most I like it. There are a lot of yoga schools here, and many are compared to business, but sarvaguna is very different, you will not see any poster on the street, nor the foreign students insert the course. This is not the first time I’ve come to this school. I’ve been to Goa for a week of meditation with keshava two years ago. I believe I’ll be back in the future.



Olga Nikiforova

from Kazakhstan: 200 hr Yoga TTC Graduate

Sarvaguna is a real gem!!! I feel very lucky that I found it. When I planned to do my 200 hrs YTT, I was overwhelmed by the number of yoga school that offer such training and wasn’t sure how to choose. One day I randomly met a girl who was a yoga student at Sarvaguna. She had amazing things to say about the school and told me I absolutely had to check it out. And I’m very happy I did.

The teachers at Sarvaguna are top notch. Not only their resumes are extremely impressive, but also they genuinely care about the students and go above and beyond to give you the best possible experience. The groups are small (my class was 9 people), so you get personalized attention. And the location is absolutely breathtaking. If you are looking for a yoga or a meditation teacher training school in India, look no further. Highly recommend! Thank you so much, Sarvaguna, for everything 💕💕


Christine Gindl

from Poland: 200hr Yoga TTC Graduate

This ashram is amazing (Goa), it’s not super strict, the food is AMAZING, the yoga room/terrace is just perfect, the asana teachers are both super experienced and full of knowledge that they are trying to give us in a very short amount of time. Keshava is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met, helped with everything we needed and patiently brought us to a state where we could actually enjoy a meditation. He is like a living Encyclopedia, no need for google anymore! Full of love kindness and knowledge of philosophy and life in general.

If you are looking for a high class hatha & vinyasa yoga teacher training, for a place where you can reflect and learn about the real yoga practise, some time to find out who you really are and soaking in the energy that surrounds those people at Sarvaguna, then this is the place! 
I will definitely come back here if I will do my 300hrs advanced teacher training in the next couple of years! I heard the school in Daramasala is very special too, can’t wait to find out:)



form Hong Kong, 300 hr Yoga TTC Graduate

A wonderful and unbelievable experience in the Sarvaguna Yoga school, Dr. Keshava and his teaching team are all kindhearted and supportive teachers. Their teachings covers from yoga philosophy, yogic lifestyle, anatomy, asana, alignment to life wisdoms.

Dr. Keshava is very knowledgeable and teaches yoga wisdom in its authenticity, everyone in the school is full of supportive energy. The school is located in the beautiful scenery in the Himalayas, you are basically all taken care of for everyday life, there are also a bunch of lovely local cafe along the way down the hill. I would highly recommend the Sarvaguna Yoga school to all and I would definitely return anytime. Nameste.


Luis Crawford

from England, 200 hr Yoga TTC Graduate

So I arrived here as an individual wondering why I got such a good feeling from doing asanas and wanting to explore a deeper meaning into yoga. To my suprise the course far exceeded any expectations I had, Dr.Keshava taught yoga philosophy so well, with such great detail and in a fun way also, that it really helped me connect more with yoga and to all the other people on the course who were an amazing group. Everything was always provided and the house that you stay at has the friendliest staff who always helped whenever something was needed.
Overall I will be leaving not as an individual but part of a larger cosmic consciousness shared by all those on the course.
If you want to learn yoga I would highly recommend this place.


Zdenek Hruska

from Czech Republic. 200 hr Yoga TTC Graduate

I have no regrets about choosing this school. Me and my wife we spent wonderful month here in Sarvaguna Yoga in Dharamsala full of knowledge, wisdom and of course Yoga practice. All the teachers are great – they are friendly and they know what they are doing. This course wasn’t only about Asana practice but also about philosophy and some basic anatomy. I learned so much! Also if you love mountains Bhagsu is awesome place to be:)


Ajaye RamLochan

from Mauritius, 300 hr YTTC Graduate from

Fabulous school. If you want to study yoga this is the best school. I just completed my 300hrs yoga Teacher Training course and highly recommend to everyone. nice food ,great location in the Himalayan mountain daramsala. praveen great asana vinyasa n Hatha yoga teacher. The coordinator guruji Kesava great personality, A real living monk , our philosophy, pranayama, and Meditation Teacher. He got a lot of respect and he has been a great inspiration to me . Thank u.


Rebel bertman,

from Adelaide, Australia: 200hr Yoga TTC Graduate,

Only started practicing yoga this year (about 6 months) prior to the course, for a beginner this course is a great introduction to yoga. The course structure is well balanced and covers the basics of Hatha, Vinyasa, Anatomy, Philosophy and pranayama well considering the restricted timeline.

The course was an enjoyable experience complemented by the teachers who shared their knowledge.
Food was healthy and basic tailored to the yogic life style. Room was basic and comfortable.
Might see you next year Sarvaguna for the meditation course!!!


Mellisa Morgan

from the US, New Jersey, USA

I just completed my 200Hr YTTC and it was such a life-changing experience doing it in the heart of India. Dr. Keshava, Satish, and Katerina were so encouraging and motivating. There was a great balance of learning about the philosophy and asanas throughout the course, and I loved seeing the passion and lighthearted humor in everyone’s hearts. Our group worked extremely well together and it made the month in Dharamsala fly by. During the month here, the people, room, and food made me feel at home.Definitely consider coming to the beautiful Himilayas for your yoga training, you won’t regret it!

I would definitely recommend this school and location for people looking for a fun and authentic place to get their 200HR license.


Marie Chmelinová ,

from Czech Republic; 200 hr Yoga TTC Graduate

My husband and I had a great time in the Sarvaguna school in Dharamsala. We did 200 YTTC and we were very satisfied with everything, accommodation, food, location&view, all the classes, staff and overall atmosphere.

Great quality for a very reasonable price. I do recommend this school, teachers are amazing, we feel very blessed to have been part of the Sarvaguna yoga family for a month.


Luki Segreal

from England, 200 hr Yoga TTC graduate

Amazing blissfull experience and course wasnt sure if teachers would be good enough, but they all exceeded my expectations especially Dr Keshava with his wealth of knowledge, and genuine passion to teach and care for his students. Great way to start or progress in the yoga journey. Namaste


Statchie Wolfe

from the U.S, 300 hr YTTc Graduate

I completed my 300 hour YTT at Sarvaguna Yoga. My experience blew away all my expectations. The teachers are extremely knowledgeable, humble, and helpful. They were so easy to work with and always willing to answer my questions. I have gained a better understanding of yoga and feel more equipped to share and teach. We learned such a vast amount on anatomy, meditation, traditional Hatha& vinyasa, & philosophy. Set in the peaceful surroundings of the Himalayan mountains. I highly recommend this training!!!! Best there is!


Sharran Sanga

from Lanarkshire, Scotland, Great Britton , 200 hr Yoga TTC Graduate

Highly recommend this school, I have had the most amazing month! The location is great, lots of shops and cafes nearby for the weekends and the teachers are so knowledgable and helpful. I am glad I chose Sarvaguna and planning to come back to do the 300 hour course.


Catherina Torres

,from the US, 200 hr Yoga TTC Graduate

I had the best experience at Sarvanguna !! Everything was exceptional from the location to the way the program is organized . The Shala is always clean, the rooms are very spacious and the food is delicious! What I like the most about the 200 YTT is that the program is very traditional . Dr Keshava is very knowledgeable and has a lot of jokes, what makes the course so enjoyable. The group was small so we got a lot of one to one plus we all got to ask lots of questions. I would def come back !


Tina Schwa

from Switzerland;100 hr Meditation TTC Graduate

Sarvaguna Yoga School is absolutely recommendable! I did a 100h Meditation TTC, after doing 200h and 300h Yoga TTC in other schools and I was impressed by the authenticity and the knowledge of Keshava. I loved listening to his wise words and hope I can come back one day for learning even more about yoga philosophy. The school is relatively small which gives it a nice, personal, authentic touch. The location is super quiet though still not far away from the magnificent beach. Food was amazing and the colleagues super nice. Thanks Keshava, namaste!


Glen Prajjwal Raj

form Turkey; 300 hr Yoga TTC Graduate

What an experience! We did Astanga Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin. The instructors were very qualified and experienced. This has given me confidence and knowledge required to be an efficient teacher. Thank you so much for your hospitality and kindness.


Lauran Jenkins

from Australia, 100hr Meditation TTC Graduate

Dr Kesheva is very knowledgeable, a great communicator, has a good sense of humour and is very authentic. I took the one week meditation retreat and now have the tools to incorporate into my head daily practice. Very special place and so grateful for the experience!



Meditation Course participant

Highly recommended
I took 10 days meditation, and it was a wonderful experience in my life , I went from there with different mindset . Dr. Keshava is one of the best spiritual person I have met with a lot of knowledge . He has M.Sc., M.Phil., PhD(Psy), M.Sc.(Yoga& Natural Healing), M.A (Sanskrit), M.A (Advaita Philosophy), P.G.dip. in Guidance and Counselling. and he has a sense of humor .Only t see him you get that positive energy.
I will definitely go there, also the place is peace of mind and very nice


Annika Blümel, from Germany

100hr Meditaiton TTC Graduate

I highly recommend this school and this place!!! Thanks to one of the best teacher I ever had- Keshava is an inspiration; truely kind, funny, full of knowledge which he wants to share. The classes are small, the shala is big, the sourrounding is quiet with a lovely view.
Very professional, a fabulous oppurtunity to enjoy and learn. Loved it and can’t wait to meet again!


Yustyna Gavryshkevych from Germany

300 hr Yoga TTC Graduate

(Translated by Google) Excellent course, unforgettable and valuable experience practical and theoretical. Teachers are highly skilled, well prepared, ready to always support and answer all questions. At the course there were 8 participants, which made it possible to speak with the teachers themselves, ask questions as often as needed. A very good atmosphere, an individual approach to each student. Good location, near the Dalai Lama Temple, about 3 km. Terms and service are also on a high level. I recommend !!!


Saleh Al Qallaf, from Kuwait City

200 hr Yoga TTC Graduate

Perfect place perfect weather little rainy in july, teachers are the best, I had a broken bone 3rd day of the course and they took care of me took me to the hospital, even lended me money till i got from the bank, the vibes are so cleane in this area all the people are aware safe place and, prices are very good, regarding food its the best vegan food i’ve ever eatin, regarding the room its legit, but lets not forget its simple, more than glad i chose this experience here


Nagaia van desse,

From Berchem, Antwerpen, Belgium, 200 hr Yoga TTC Graduate

Namasté…..To all the magical people working here to make this course even more great: Thank you/ shukriya! I have enjoyed every day and have learned all i could.

There was a very balanced way of teaching the knowledge in this Yoga and Meditation school. Also clear to understand for all the students. This together with a full daily schedule and challenging practices was the best way to the first steps of teaching Asanas with awareness.

Special thanks to Dr. Keshava for making me feel at home, also for all the precious knowledge and last but not least: I enjoyed your sense of humor! Thank you , with all my heart i recommend to meet these people. Nagaya


Christine Collin from France

200 hr Yoga TTC Graduate from France

Amazing yogic traditional teaching. I have loved my experience in Sarvaguna Yoga. I spent a month learning the YTT 200h on 16th December 2018 in Goa. I have appreciated all the classes given. I have been totally absorbed by the philosophy classes given by Doctor Keshava, the way he teaches make it stunning. The teachings as well as the kindness from the teachers were outstanding. I have loved the yoga classes from Praveen, his patience and kindness. I have learned so much in a month. I greatly appreciated all the kind help and understanding from Doctor Keshava. The food is delicious and rooms clean and spacious. I’m definitely thinking of doing the 300hours with this school next year in Dharamsala


Carolin Krämer , from Hamburg

Germany, 200hr Yoga TTC Graduate

Sarvaguna Yoga Dhaama is an excellent yoga school and I highly recommend it to future yoga teachers. Dr. Keshava, the head and heart of the program, has a broad and profound knowledge he is very motivated to share with his students. The teachers for anatomy and asana class are dedicated, supportive, and experts in their field. Everybody is very helpful, understanding, positive and welcoming. I am very grateful for this experience. Namaste


Corrie Danieley

from the US, 200 hr Yoga TTC and 100 hr Meditation TTC Graduate from

I did both the 200hr Yoga and 100hr Meditation training and had a wonderful time. The teachers are the real deal and also care about your experience and education. The location was breathtaking and also offered many activities and cafes to experience on your time off.

Highly recommend.


Amanda Dee Smith from Spain

300 hr Yoga TTC Graduate

Keshava was amazing, he helped me to understand the deeper philosophy of yoga from a grounded place. He is trained in pschology and even though he is very intelligent, he is able to explain such profound ideas in a clear simple way. The other teachers on the training were also great. I highly recommend this training for those that want to go deeper into there understanding of yoga and who wish to teach the philosophy in the future. I now have a regular meditation practice and can teach this to my students. You will not be disappointed.


Eva Lauren from Canada

200 hr Yoga TTC Graduate

I loved doing my 200h yoga teacher training at Sarvaguna. The location and accomodation in Bhagsu are great, such a peaceful place. Praveen our yoga teacher was amazing, so friendly and professional, I couldn’t have hoped for better. He gave me the confidence to teach after a month of training and he’s so helpful. I have made so many progress and I have gained so much knowledge thanks to him. Dr Keshava is so full of knowledge and funny, I loved the philosophy classes and also meditation. He always has great tips and jokes to make his point. I went there in the first place to deepen my practice but now I really want to be a yoga teacher. Thank you to everyone at Sarvaguna for this great programme.


Judy Harrigan from NewYork, US

300 hr Yoga TTC Graduate

My experience at Sarvaguna was amazing. I learned so much about Philosophy and Meditation with our teacher Dr. Keshava. Dr. Keshava is extremely knowledgeable, warm and has a great sense of humor. He is the heart and soul of Sarvaguna. I so miss the philosophy and meditation sessions with Dr. Keshava. The Dr. Priyanka the Ayurveda teacher was fabulous. She was knowledgeable, direct and gave us exactly what we needed. Even though we were only able to spend a short time with her. I learned so much and can start sharing the information with my students today. The accommodations and food were great.


LAU CANTU, from Mexico

300 hr YTTC Graduate

The whole experience was amazing for me, sharing with yogui teachers as students was very meaningful, from the program, the Masters, the school in general I got a lot more than I was expected, very grateful for everything. Namaste


Angela Patricia Builes from Columbia

200 hr Yoga TTC Graduate

Sarvaguna Yoga Dhaama is a gorgeous place, in Agonda Beach, India. We could see and hear the ocean from the school and is surrounded by palm trees. Teachers are excellent, they gently but firmly coaxed all of us into being better yoga teachers, and made us realize we could do it. As the course progressed, my confidence grew and I realized, with the encouragement of my teachers, that I had what it takes to be a yoga teacher. I’m hungry to know more and I look forward to my lessons every day. I highly recommend Sarvaguna Yoga Dhaama School to everyone!!!!!


Evelyn Lee Ne Dietz, from Germany

200 hr Yoga TTC Graduate

This Ashram is absolutely amazing!!! simple and short: Keshava and Satish really inspired me with their understanding of Yoga, their advice and support with Meditation and the Asana practices! i never expected to grow as much as i did within this month regarding my Asana practice, Philosophy about life in general and myself! i can highly recommend this place to everyone! and the food is soooo delicious!
And about the Location: it’s perfectly located! we went to the Beach every day during lunch break it’s like 3 walking minutes away! you can see the beautiful sunsets during meditation on the Terrace where we also did our Asanas!
i can’t wait to discover Sarvaguna Yoga in Dharamsala maybe for my 300 YTT!!
PS: you don’t need google- if you have Keshava 🙌 😝


Charlotta Hansen from Denmark

Meditation TTC Graduate

I will highly recommend you to go to Sarvaguna Yoga, a place with a warm, friendly welcoming atmosphere where smiles thrive:)
Class instructions are easy to follow, yet challenging, rewarding and softly corrected by vey competent teachers. Location set in beautiful Agonda Beach Goa.
If you seek for inner peace, self awareness, higher consciousness, you know, that calm state of mind, your thoughts persistently try to stir up, let Dr. Keshava guide your meditation practice and feel the lasting change, like I have, since I did a week long meditation retreat this February. I meditate daily, know using the different tecniques I was taught and I’m so going back to do the Meditation teacher training very soon.
Charlotte, Denmark


Sara Benady, from England

100hr Meditation TTC Graduate

Working with Keshava and Sarvanguna Yoga has been a life changing experience. I learnt techniques and practices that have provided me with a deeper understanding of yoga and meditation. These practices have given me beautiful experiences of clarity and connection. I studied the 100hour meditation teacher training and I am now teaching meditation regularly. It has been wonderful to be able to pass on these practical and effective techniques. Keshava and the Sarvanguna team provided a safe and supportive environment in which to gain knowledge and a qualification. The study I have done with Sarvanguna Yoga has enriched my life on a very deep level and has allowed me to experience more Joy and peace than ever before. I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to deepen their practice and understanding of Yoga and Meditation.


Irina Busurina

From Russia, 200hr Yoga TTC Graduate

I would highly recommend this school to people who want to gain profound knowledge and spiritual guidance in Yoga philosophy and meditation science from the leader of this traditional school Dr. Keshava Murty who started his studies already in 1998 and spend 8 years in monasteries with his Master Swami Dayananda from Rishikesh.

Keshava is one the little teachers who I met in my personal studies as a Yoga coach and studio owner who humbly combine excellent experience and down to earth explanations with refreshing humor and comfort in his school. School is placed on the south side of Agonda village, it’s walking distance from the main restaurants but in a quiet place, close to the beautiful rocks.

Home-cooked food here is the better than I ate in any restaurant in Agonda. This place is for you if you appreciate time the excellent teacher who takes for your personal guidance, experienced yoga teachers, good quantity of the food, comfortable rooms and view of the beach from the yoga space roof top. Enjoy!


Luren Maree

from Australia, 200 hr Yoga TTC Graduate

Highly recommended!

After spending One month doing my 200YTT i really enjoyed my experience.
The whole program was very well organised, efficient and we were given a lot of information.
The training was a great way to get a deeper understanding of traditional yoga and philosophy.
Our anatomy classes were very thorough and i have found vital when teaching yoga afterwards.
My favourite part was definately Philosophy. You will not find better anywhere else in India. Kesheva is an extremely intelligent person who always has answers.
I felt very supported during the training and kesheva was always willing to help whenever we had questions.
The rooms were good and cleaned weekly. It was a perfect even though we didn’t have much time to spare.
The location is stunning, so close to the ocean and close to near by shops and Cafes.
Im so grateful for the experience and wish i could do it all again!


Clíodhna O' Donoghue,

from Ireland, 200 hr Yoga TTC Graduate

I attended Saravaguna Yoga in Goa during their winter. It was the most incredible experience learning Hatha & Vinyassa Yoga. All teachers were so dedicated to their roles, they gave 200% to their classes and were always available for questions.

I felt so supported throughout the 4 week 200hr YTTC course. The food was delicious and accomdation ideal. Rooms we’re spacious, only a couple of minutes from the beach yet very quiet. Can highly recommend attending this center.



Pamela Savuguava from Canada

200 hr YTTc Graduate

I had the best and memorable experience of my life at Sarvaguna yoga in Dharamsala. The location is perfectly situated in the montains and the view is awesome… I learn so much about yoga and meditation! Even better then what I’ve expected.

I am so thankful for all the knowledge that Keshava and Catarina shared with me…They have totally change my perception of spirituality. I see life differently.. Ive mentally and physically changed for the positive… 
If you are looking for an authentic ashram and teachers that is the place for you!


Catharina Po, From Russia

200 hr Yoga TTC Graduate n

I would recommend Sarvaguna Yoga Dhaama TTC to anyone who’s interested in taking their yoga practise a step further. Open minded, welcoming and professional teachers, beautiful shala. I couldn’t have found a better school.