Experience:10 Years

Chandra Sekharan Ji

Traditional Holistic Yoga Teacher


Chandra Sekharan ji- M.A (Yoga) Experienced traditional  Hatha Yoga, Yoga Philosophy and Meditation  Teacher, Spiritual Coach

Yogacharya Chandra Sekhar  ji hails from South India. He has Masters Degree  in Yoga and Studied  Jnana and Raja yoga disciples from His master in Rishikesh.

He is pursuing Yogic practices for last twenty  years. He started his first Yogic journey while studying his medical education and later dedicated full time to Yogic pursuit

He also studied Yoga and Vedanta from Divine Life Society, Bihar School of Yoga and International Sivananda Centre India.

He is also a dedicated practitioner  of Ashtanga Yoga and practising Intermediate series of Ashtanga Yoga with Parama guru Sharath Jois at Mysore.

His teachings are very well received and appreciated by the Yoga aspirants across the Globe. He is committed to share this enlightening Yogic wisdom to the seekers.