Pertaining to the course/ certification / travel /others Course Related Issues:

There are number of styles are being taught and practiced in the modern world today, Our training is a fusion of Traditional and modern yoga practices to suit the needs and preferences of a modern living. Our 200 hr/300 hr Yoga TTC program is basically a Traditional Hatha and  Vinyasa Flow styles and a few classes of   Yin /Restorative Yoga.

Up on the successful completion and fulfilling all the necessary requirements of the course, you will receive a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certificate, which is a basic requirement for you to be a professional yoga teacher.

Today many popular styles of Yoga adhere to the minimum standards set by the Yoga alliance, a private group that seeks to build public confidence in Yoga. Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organization setting standards to Yoga teachers, Yoga schools and Yoga studios in the U.S, Canada and Europe. Yoga Alliance supports Yoga professionals and Schools and Yoga teachers through educational events such as annual conferences, educational events, and online workshops.

Yoga Alliance follows credentialing criteria that includes Registration, professional certification, accreditation, and granting license to the Schools, studios and teachers. Yoga Alliance maintains an online directory, where all registered schools, teachers and studios, teacher training programs that meet the requirement/standards of Yoga Alliance are listed. In order to maintain active status with Yoga Alliance, Schools and Teachers must annually renew their registration by paying some fee.

For more details about Yoga Alliance please visit their website

Sarvaguna Yoga Dhaama is a Yoga Alliance Registered School (RYS) and as a responsible and professional organization, we are committed to maintain the educational standards and values of Yoga Alliance and exceed them in all respects. After certification with us, you are eligible to be a member of Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher (RYT) by means of registering yourself on yoga alliance directory by uploading a copy of your certificate. It will help you to get hired and start teaching Yoga. The certificate is recognized in most of the countries all over the world. In some countries YA certificate is obligatory to own a Yoga studio.

Being real life Yogis, and committed to yoga life, our objective of starting the training academy is to teach yoga with its pristine glory, its unifying vision, its real purpose and goals. Yoga teaching is not a business for us but a way of life. We want you to experience the real spirit of yoga and its depths in transforming the practitioner, taught by the practicing yogis who themselves are transformed by the power of yoga, rather than its superficialities. We give ample importance to all the aspects of Yoga, so that you can see a real transmutation with you.

We do not believe in superficial pomp and show, name and fame. We are interested in your inner peace and self discovery. We can always clarify your doubts regarding the function of the school; however, at the end of the day, you have to decide for yourself. We strive our level best to give you the best, the rest rests on you.

certainly, you will be able to teach and share. We will teach you all the techniques and methods systematically, that enable you to share what you have learnt, with different people and in different setting. Fundamentally, yoga teaching itself is a transformative, as you teach you will keep learning more and more about the depths of yoga.

YES, not all the people who enrol the course will necessarily teach. However, a systematic and consistent training in the discipline will allow you to know the spirit of yoga and its transforming power. This program is much more than a simple training, in this course you will come to know the true nature of your being and your potentialities, your body and your mind so that you can bring harmony and balance in the Body, mind and the Spirit, to have a beautiful, and peaceful life.

Yoga is an eternal journey, there are people spending years in learning yoga before they start teaching, however with a systematic training, passion and commitment, it is possible to share this knowledge, after this course. Moreover, everyone has to begin at some point, like any other discipline. As an old Sanskrit proverb says “knowledge grown more and more when you share with other and in the flow of time as well, as we observe, imbibe and assimilate the teachings”.

This course is like a learners driving license, a first step in the process, because you get a certificate which will help you to start your yoga teaching professionally as it is recognized across the globe, and also gives you confidence and self efficacy. However, the certificate itself does not make any one a good teacher, but paves the way to become informed and qualified teacher, and highlights certain credential that you have received in our training, which lays the foundation to build your life as professional yoga teacher.

A TOURIST (Or) ENTRY VISA is good enough for you to travel and complete your course. You DO NOT need a STUDENT VISA OR YOGA VISA for this purpose. A Yoga Visa/Student visa is generally more expensive and complicated as compared to the tourist visa. Most of the yoga practitioners or students who come to India to study yoga also travel the country as tourists before or after the course. It also happens many times that there are people already in India on a tourist visa and they decide to join the yoga course while being on tourist visa. We have observed that most of the yoga practitioners in India come on tourist visa as they find it simpler, easier and cheaper.

We also recommend you to apply for visa, in time in Indian consulate in your country, so that you can plan your trip hassle free, and we do not take any responsibility in this regard.

We recommend you to bring your own personal, good quality yoga mat. However, different varieties of Yoga mats are available to purchase near our yoga school, for approx. 400-500 INR, but these mats, most often get destroyed with a month and are not very eco-friendly.